For starters we would like to announce the “Amarok” security service. It was used by a lot of companies and people in need of security guidance. The page will be closed and all assets will be set aside. Seeing as Fever Media tries to set a new business-indie standard in the world we will continue to add more indie projects and studios in our team. We have added Arkay Afrika to our buddy list and we hope to make this new indie studio grow in the near future.

We have added the GhostMAC project to our cause and will be fully updated and supported via our official channels, …and will be free forever. Some new  online services are on the way and we are trying to actually finish the “Lab” section of our page, this century. New platforms have been added, such as iOS and Android for future development.

And as an ending to this maybe long awaited post, we would like to inform everybody that a new studio will be joining us and we will help plant the seeds for future projects. That’s all for now, cheers!



Now you can download games for your arcade script as hotlinks or downloadable embedded flash games that you can use for your website. All free content and free flash games are provided by premium portals that allow you to add free flash games. The game packs zip files contains a full version swf and thumbnail file. We are able to offer you these free online flash games and game packs for your website, thanks to Hypercar Games. Check the download link below that suits your needs.

You can always find our files hosted on Greasy Joe’s storage platforms. For any problems regarding direct download please contact us.


The Corvine Castle e-book was written in October 2014 in Hunedoara-Romania, the same town where the fortress can be be found.

It was written by Alexandru Turei and Catalin Nistor, two guys who are always looking for fresh ideas to share with the world. Short but very accurate, the e-book presents the legend of the Castle written in 22 kindle pages.

The non fiction story is divided in two parts. The first part describes the events which took place in the Castle and the actual rooms where those events had happened and the second part tells us about the owners which had contributed and kept the Castle on its ground till the present day.

One of the owners of the Fortress, on his name, Iancu of Hunedoara was the leader who ‘gave birth’ to the Raven legend /the story is found in the book/ and the father of Matei Corvin- the king of Hungary who killed the famous Vlad Tepes also known as Dracula /the story is found in the book/.

I believe the book has its own originality among other non fiction books as it has been created after historical researches and months of editing in order to be easy to read and understand and to also present the chronological order of events that took place in the Castle.

The conclusion: This is a great e-book to read as it contains important details and many stories of the Corvine Castle.

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We have recently stacked a huge amount of unreleased tracks from our artists. They never saw the light of day as they were “unfinished”. We few weeks ago we came across a new type of software that specializes in audio creation. The thing is that you don’t have to be genius as the software is very easy to use and well documented on the web and especially on youtube if you need a helping hand. For starters we have re-invented our “Prome” project using the new StageLight software and we are working hard on a new album release in the following months. Our last album was called “Samurai” and it hit over 20k downloads in the first months from it’s free release towards the public.  We hope that the next album that will be created using StageLight music software will hit more ears after the release. Thank you, music, thank you, StageLight!


Hello there, we are pleased to announce the launch of Zulu Play, a community of online gamers. Feel free to visit the link below and access thousands of free online flash games.

Play the best online games you could ever want. Join a community that holds thousand of free and ready to play flash games of numerous genres on any device available to you.

Join now for the best web-based experience available to you!

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