For starters we would like to announce the “Amarok” security service. It was used by a lot of companies and people in need of security guidance. The page will be closed and all assets will be set aside. Seeing as Fever Media tries to set a new business-indie standard in the world we will continue to add more indie projects and studios in our team. We have added Arkay Afrika to our buddy list and we hope to make this new indie studio grow in the near future.

We have added the GhostMAC project to our cause and will be fully updated and supported via our official channels, …and will be free forever. Some new  online services are on the way and we are trying to actually finish the “Lab” section of our page, this century. New platforms have been added, such as iOS and Android for future development.

And as an ending to this maybe long awaited post, we would like to inform everybody that a new studio will be joining us and we will help plant the seeds for future projects. That’s all for now, cheers!

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