The Corvine Castle e-book was written in October 2014 in Hunedoara-Romania, the same town where the fortress can be be found.

It was written by Alexandru Turei and Catalin Nistor, two guys who are always looking for fresh ideas to share with the world. Short but very accurate, the e-book presents the legend of the Castle written in 22 kindle pages.

The non fiction story is divided in two parts. The first part describes the events which took place in the Castle and the actual rooms where those events had happened and the second part tells us about the owners which had contributed and kept the Castle on its ground till the present day.

One of the owners of the Fortress, on his name, Iancu of Hunedoara was the leader who ‘gave birth’ to the Raven legend /the story is found in the book/ and the father of Matei Corvin- the king of Hungary who killed the famous Vlad Tepes also known as Dracula /the story is found in the book/.

I believe the book has its own originality among other non fiction books as it has been created after historical researches and months of editing in order to be easy to read and understand and to also present the chronological order of events that took place in the Castle.

The conclusion: This is a great e-book to read as it contains important details and many stories of the Corvine Castle.

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